Grand National Live Stream -Aerial view of Grand Canyon Village, the primary developed place within Grand Canyon National Park/Courtesy of Aerial Filmworks

A public comment period is now open through January 6, 2020, on a draft proposal to develop a telecommunications program for Grand Canyon National Park.

If approved, the program would offer a framework and advice for the future construction and operation of telecommunications infrastructure that could include telecommunications towers, Grand National Live Stream free, small-cell websites and fiber optic communications cable within established areas of Grand Canyon National Park.

Existing wireless coverage and information network capacity in developed areas of the national park”are insufficient to support the operations of the NPS and its own in-park partners, which include: concession providers, non-profit organizations, tribes, a public college and medical practice, a utility company, other local and federal law enforcement agencies, Grand National Live Stream, residents on the North and South Rims, and more than six million yearly visitors,” a playground release stated.

The plan evaluates the consequences of accommodating as many as five additional telecommunications systems and related infrastructure as well as the possible removal or movement of an present tower, installation of small-cell technology in high visitor use areas, as well as the joint use of microwave antennas and fiber optic communications cable to offer the crucial links between the playground and the broader wireless network.

Grand National Live Stream

The Park Service isn’t proposing to immediately develop telecommunications infrastructure under this plan, the release added, and the program is not in reaction to a particular application from a telecommunications company to build or operate this kind of infrastructure.  The construction and performance of any new telecommunications infrastructure developed in accordance with this strategy would require site-specific inspection and approval in accordance with present NPS policies.

Compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act and other related legislation are also being conducted. Grand National Live Stream .

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