Welcome to the Era of Wars Without an End

Kurdish forces seized control of the Syrian town of Kobani in January 2015 following a four-month struggle with Islamic State fighters.  Footage of their triumph was relayed around the world. Watch the Grand National live. A global audience observed Allied troops indulge in raucous celebrations since they raised their flag on the mountain that once flew the IS black banner.

And so it came as something of a jolt when, in October 2019, President Donald Trump allowed Turkey carte blanche to grab territory held by the Kurds.  Grand National live stream. Thus, what once appeared an emphatic victory for the Kurds has since descended into another dismal defeat.

This is not an unusual tale.  Victories have also been proclaimed from the recent wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, just for violence to continue unabated.

The spectre of those seemingly endless wars gives us cause to consider whether the thought of”victory” has some purchase or meaning in respect of modern warfare. Watch the Grand National live. Having spent the best part of the last decade considering this very question, I have begun to feel that the notion of success in modern war isn’t anything more than a myth, albeit an enduringly hazardous one.

As I argue in my book, it is high time for us to believe again, and more deeply than we have done before, about what victory in warfare means today.

 President Trump has made it the cornerstone of his rhetoric and the lodestar of US foreign and security policy. Grand National live stream. “You are likely to be so proud of your country,” he promised the audience at a campaign rally in 2016:

We’re going to start winning again: we’re going to win at each level, we are likely to win efficiently […] we’re going to acquire militarily […] we’re going to win with every single facet, we are going to win so much, you could even get tired of winning, and you’re going to say’please, please, it’s too much winning, we can not take it anymore’.Watch the Grand National live. And I’ll say,’it is not’.  We must keep winning, we have to win more, we are likely to acquire more.

 Delivering a keynote address on the Iraq War in 2005, by way of instance, Bush used the word”victory” 15 times while standing in front of a indication that read”Plan for Victory” and pitching a document entitled”Our National Strategy for Victory in Iraq”.Grand National live stream.

Convinced that the idiom of success was a retrograde means to talk about how contemporary wars end, he had to excise it from US tactical discourse.  The term”success” is curable, he said, as it arouses primitive associations with conquest and triumphalism.

The debate between Trump and Bush on the one hand, and Obama on the flip, runs deeper than a mere difference in rhetorical style (or lack thereof). Watch the Grand National live.  It reflects profound uncertainties regarding the appropriateness of the speech of victory to contemporary war.

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Since the early 20th century, the view has emerged that, when it has to do with the mechanised mass slaughter of contemporary war, nobody wins.  Since Aristide Briand — prime minister of France for intervals either side of their first world war — put it:”In modern warfare there’s absolutely no victor.  Gently reaches its heavy hand to the uttermost corners of this Earth and lays its burdens on victor and vanquished alike.”

Bao Ninh, a veteran of the North Vietnamese Army and also the writer of one of the most moving war books of the 20th century, The Sorrow of War, made much the same argument, but in simpler terms:”In warfare, nobody wins or loses.  There is only destruction.”Watch the Grand National live.

Regardless of whatever Presidents Bush and Trump could believe, it is surely tempting to say that there could be no such thing as success in contemporary war. Grand National live stream. It’s not difficult to feel that war is so gruesome and so destructive it may never result in anything that could reasonably be called a victory.  Any successes achieved on the battlefield, it may be argued are likely to be equally so tenuous and purchased at such a bloody cost the only idea of calling them”victories” appears ironic.

But this can only be part of the story.  It’s too glib to announce success in modern war an untenable proposal on the grounds it can simply be purchased at a terrible cost in human lives and suffering.  The worth of a success might be diminished by a steep price , but not completely negated by it.

For instance, while the second world war produced a truly barbaric body count, also boasts the cold war one of its legacies, in addition, it stopped Nazism in its paths. Watch the Grand National live  It goes without saying, should count for something. 

My point here’s a simple one: although success could be hideously costly in modern war, and it invariably accomplishes far less than it is intended to achieve, it is not a completely vacuous concept.

This brings us to the first of three spins in our narrative.  What is out of date here is not really the overall concept of victory itself, however, the notion that success is the product of critical battles. Watch the Grand National live. The nature of contemporary warfare is not conducive to clear cut endings.  Rather than inventing an emphatic victory for one side and also, conversely, an incontrovertible defeat for the other, modern armed conflicts have a tendency toward descend to prolonged, drawn out endgames.

Watch the Grand National live

So it can sometimes be hard to discern not just that side has won a specified war but whether that warfare may even be deemed over in the first location.  The words of Phil Klay, a writer who served in Iraq several years later President Bush had already declared”mission accomplished”, captured something of the confusion:

Success turned into an issue of perspective.  In Iraq it was.  There was no Omaha Beach, no Vicksburg Campaign, maybe not even an Alamo to indicate a definite defeat.  The closest we had come were those toppled Saddam statues, but that had been years ago.

This implies is that victories no longer assume that the kind that they are expected to presume or that they had assumed previously.  

Was victory ever-living?

There is, then, a lot of evidence to support the opinion which, when it’s spoken about in regard to decisiveness achieved through success in pitched battle, victory has little relevance to contemporary armed conflict.

But that is where we experience the second twist in our narrative.  Some scholars claim that the eyesight of success connected with critical battle did not suddenly become problematic with the advent of this”war on terror”, nor even with the birth of modern warfare.  Instead, they assert, it has always been debatable. Watch the Grand National live.

The historian Russell F. Weigley is the major proponent of the view.  He argues that the notion of decisive victory through conflict is really a romantic trope left over from the only time in history when wars had been routinely decided by a single battle of arms: the long century bookended from the conflicts of Breitenfeld (1631) and Waterloo (1815).

Watch the Grand National live

Spectacular but also unique to this period of history, the set-piece battles of this era, Weigley asserts, have had a distorting influence upon how warfare was known ever since.   Ignoring the fact that attrition, raiding, and siege craft, instead of grand battles, have been the principal means by which wars have been waged, historians (and their readers) have been culpable of purchasing into (and perpetuating) a kind of Hollywood vision of warfare that errors that an exception to the standard.

This too battle-centric understanding of warfare has taken root in the popular imagination.  Most contemporary representations of warfare in literature, media, artwork and film — envision it as a succession of battles leading up to and culminating in a decisive set-piece battle of the kind the 2015 footage from Kobani ostensibly captured. Watch the Grand National live. In reality, very few wars down the centuries have pivoted on conflicts.  Many have hinged on harrying, manoeuvring and the refusal of access to vital resources.  So much as we fail to find this, a proclivity to”boy’s own history” would be to blame. 

Weekend Racing with BetVictor

Today’s feature race The Ladbrokes Trophy at Newbury has been won by a few of those pursuing greats with Arkle, Post time for Grand National 2020, Mill House, Denman and also the ill-fated Grand National winner Many Clouds among its roll of honor. 

I’m reluctant to desert West Approach who did such a favour when scoring at Cheltenham on BetVictor Gold Cup afternoon but he had a difficult race on that occasion and also my two against the area are Mister Malarky and De Rasher Counter (3.00) with marginal preference for the latter who is 10/1 at BetVictor and gets the every manner vote — five locations.

The choice transported 11st 12lbs to victory in a precious novices’ handicap chase in Uttoxeter back in the spring, and the second and third are subsequent winners. post time for Grand National 2020.  He’s 9lbs higher today but top conditional Ben Jones takes a valuable 5lbs and the couple must know each other in a spin on timber back in the Staffordshire track a month.

Jonjo O’Neill rides Mister Malarky (9/1 in BetVictor) who is fitted using cheek-pieces for the first time and he’s entitled to come on for his Ascot reappearance.  He strikes me as a Grand National horse moving forward but he looks certain to run a huge race.  It was a bad renewal of the great race in 2018 — no such sentiments this year.  This really is a cracking race.

This will be the softest ground that Floressa (12.05) has raced on which will be a small concern, but she’s taken to reverse recent C&D form with Silver Forever on 3lbs better terms for the brief mind she was behind that rival.  The excellent Gavin Cromwell brings Jeremy’s Flame throughout the Irish Sea and she’s won two of her three barrier begins. Grand National coverage. It’ll be fascinating to see what the marketplace makes of her opportunity.

I am quite keen to undertake likely odds on favorite Reserve Tank at the close 3m novice chase although I feel the Tizzard’s double Grade 1 winning hurdler will be better served by Newbury than had been the case at Wincanton last time. 

Danny Whizzbang (12.40) won both hurdles last season for Paul Nicholls but has the potential to be a better chaser and he receives 5lbs from the likely favorite.  post time for Grand National 2020. The selection created all at Exeter back in February and I expect Harry Cobden ensures that Reserve Tank will need to stay every yard of this excursion.

post time for Grand National 2020

Despite the steadier of 11st 12lbs I believe Jerrysback could be nicely treated in the 2m 6f disability chase but the every way vote belongs to Westend Story (1.15) who drifted like a barge and ran as if in need of his comeback when beaten more than 20L in Uttoxeter last month.  The selection runs in the colors of this Mick Fitzgerald Racing Club and members are known to have a tilt at the ring.

From the Gerry Feilden Handicap hurdle, my 2 against the area are Nick Alexander’s Elvis Mail — who makes the long journey south from Kinneston in Scotland — and Henderson’s Epatante (2.25) with the latter getting the vote. post time for Grand National 2020. The choice could not deal with all the hurly-burly and undulations of Cheltenham in the mares’ novices’ hurdle back from the spring — moved favorite — and also at 4/1 with BetVictor I would be disappointed if she did not run a huge race.

Newcastle must pass an 8 am inspection this morning.  In case the meeting gets the green light, I expect to visit Imperial Alcazar (12.55) follow up his current Aintree victory in”The French Furze” Novices’ hurdle for Paddy Brennan and Fergal O’Brien. Grand National live stream.

Buveur D’Air cannot be opposed at the Grade 1 Fighting Fifth while I hope to see Lemon T (2.40) conduct a huge race on his hurdles debut for Ruth Jefferson.  post time for Grand National 2020. The choice made to acquire a Bumper here last term and the grey may have most to fear by Sue Smith’s Rare Clouds that will appreciate the yield to the minimum trip.

post time for Grand National 2020

In Bangor I anticipate Jelski (2.30) to break his maiden label for Nigel and Sam Twiston-Davies having formed with guarantee when next in a better race than that — supporting his stablemate — in Aintree last moment.

The choice was beaten over 4L by Envoi Allen in a Bumper last year, but that has been his lone reverse in four starts and he looked very good at Cork on his hurdles debut. Post time for Grand National 2020.

Tokyo’s new National Stadium completed

Eight months before the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo start on July 24, construction on the new 60,000-seat stadium for the Games is finished, and it is an amazing sight. What time is post time for the Grand National? Several organizations tweeted photos of this center yesterday where the Games’ opening and closing ceremonies, track and field events, soccer and the Paralympic Games will occur.

The scene, which is to be known as only National Stadium, is located in Shinjuku City, among the busiest and most densely populated parts of Tokyo.  The structure, which started construction in December 2016, is said to have cost near CAD $2 billion. Post time for Grand National 2020. It will be owned and operated by Japan Sport Council.what time is post time for the Grand National?

The construction, which replaces the prior National Stadium, which was created for the 1964 Olympics, was designed by architect Kengo Kuma and design company Azusa Sekkei Co. and built by Taisei Corp..

The centre’s 60,000 seats (fewer when the stadium is configured to the Paralympics, which will replace some seating with space for wheelchairs) are in a random pattern of greens and earth tones.  What time is post time for the Grand National. According to a story from The Japan Times, it is intended to resemble”a mosaic representing sunbeams filtering through a forest.”

What time is post time for the Grand National

To Enhance the extreme heat and humidity anticipated next summer, 185 fans will trendy athletes and spectators from the arena, along with eight mist-cooling apparatus.

The stadium is only one of numerous places which are used for the Olympics.  The Ariaki Gymnastics Centre and the Olympic Aquatics Centre are still under construction. What time is post time for the Grand National?  The men’s and women’s Olympic marathon along with 50K race walk will be held in Sapporo, 800 kilometres north of Tokyo.

Stay tuned for the grand opening ceremony of the stadium on December 21, where Usain Bolt is forecast to appear. Post time for Grand National 2020. The last game of Japan’s national football cup championship, the Emperor’s Cup, will take place on January 1.

The fee for getting married in Grand Teton National Park with the Tetons as a backdrop will be a bit more expensive next year than it has been, together with the purchase price of a wedding permit jumping to $200.

The 75 increase from the current fee is only one of the increases that will take effect in the park on January 1. What time is post time for the Grand National?

Annually the park conducts an overview of this special-use license program, such as a comparison of the number of fees collected over the last year for each special use with the operational costs associated with that use.  The principal operational cost is staff time to issue the permits and conduct other activities such as maintenance, patrol, monitoring cleaning which might be associated with a specific special use.

Additionally increasing next season is the industrial film permit, which is going from $275 to $325. What time is post time for the Grand National?

Prices that are not changing include:

* Motorized Boat Permit, it will stay $40

* Non-Motorized Boat Permit, It Is Going to stay $12

* Special Event Permit, It Is Going to remain $200

* Backcountry Permit, it will stay $45 for advanced bought and $35 for walk-in buy. What time is post time for the Grand National


Wicklow Brave regrettably lost his life falling from the American Grand National at Far Hills on Saturday evening. What channel is Grand National on.

The notable Willie Mullins-trained 10-year-old was on the verge of adding another notable win to his record when he fell at the last when ahead. Grand National coverage.

A winner of 17 of his 59 races, he won the Irish St Leger about the Apartment under Frankie Dettori in 2016, the 2015 County Hurdle and the 2017 Punchestown Champion Hurdle and was unbeaten in three chases begins in a remarkably versatile livelihood. What channel is Grand National on.

NJ State Veterinarian Dr. Stacey Romano reported that he sustained a fractured right shoulder and was transported to the stable place, where he was euthanized.” Grand National coverage.

Far Hills race meeting chairman Guy Torsilieri said:”We are sad to have lost such a winner today.  Our thoughts are with Wicklow Brave’s owners and all of their relations, the racing community and the fans. 

What an interesting plot twist at the Tiger Roll story, courtesy of the Irish Times this morning.  What channel is Grand National on. While Michael O’Leary said many times at the weekend he didn’t especially want to conduct his small star in another Grand National, the owner’s brother, Eddie, has now suggested that what really matters is the way Tiger Roll is disabled and he could run after all if sufficiently well handled.

“They state they float the weights to encourage the good horses to run,” Eddie O’Leary is quoted as saying.  “In the event the National isn’t nicely condensed, Tiger Roll won’t run.  If they need him — it is up to themselves.   He’ll obviously be top weight. Grand National coverage. But if it’s not condensed down enough, he won’t be running.  We’ve seen horses condensed 7lb into 9lb before.

That is not a threat or anything.  But we will not ask him to carry a welter load in the National next year”

Well, I don’t think the O’Learys will probably be talented up to 7lb but they’re certainly entitled to expect that the top of these weights will be compacted again for the next year’s Grand National coverage, as has become the custom of handicappers with this race for many years. What channel is Grand National on. Bristol De Mai was originally at the peak of the year’s weights and ought to have been on a score of 173 but had been compacted to 168 instead.

I am sure the handicapper, Martin Greenwood, will do something similar for Tiger Roll next season, having determined the horse ran to some marker of 172 in success on Saturday.  What channel is Grand National on. That would have been good enough for Tiger Roll to be next in the Cheltenham Gold Cup.  I detect that Timeform took a more restricted perspective, putting the Tiger on a score that could find him dead-heating for the Ryanair.

Will Greenwood let Tiger Roll in any lighter than 5lb simply to tempt him into taking part? Grand National coverage. It appears unlikely, not least because the official line has been that they are trying to phase compression out of the National weights.  However, having given the British-based top weight a break this season, I believe officials are pretty much obliged to give exactly the same fracture to the next year’s Irish-based top weight.

The hop racing is at Warwick, that is where His Dream (4.20) was such an impressive winner on New Year’s Eve, beating a next-time winner conveniently.  He returns there for the first time because and, while his next couple of runs were disappointing, he had been threatening to become involved in the first-time cheekpieces when unseating three-out at Newbury three months ago.  I will give Jonjo O’Neill’s runner another chance at 9-1.

Formerly, there’s 3-1 roughly Tikk Tock Boom (3.45), making her pursuing introduction for Ian Williams. Grand National coverage. This one landed her initial handicap over hurdles a fortnight ago, when cheekpieces were fitted for the very first time, and should be better again at this match, having won a point to stage a couple of years back.

What channel is Grand National on

Frankie Dettori goes to Lingfield for a few rides and it is no surprise to find the mount supplied by John Gosden is prohibitively short.  So High will be about 1-2 in an uncompetitive heat at the close of the card.  However, Dettori will make it two, thanks to Velvet Morn (4.30), rather priced at 6-4 to get a fillies handicap. Grand National coverage. She broke her duck when stepped down to the distance a fortnight ago, making all to win with some authority at Kempton.  She should have to offer, though I will acknowledge the second-favourite, Sussudio, makes me nervous and makes me scared.

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Tiger Roll’s Grand National hat-trick Bidding hinges on certain States – O’Leary

The Gigginstown racing director says that the Gordon Elliott-trained horse wants a score of 165 or reduced. Live stream Grand National.

Tiger Roll and Keith Donoghue rushing in Navan before this year.Tiger Roll and Keith Donoghue rushing in Navan before this season.

TIGER ROLL WILL intention to emulate the legendary Red Rum by bidding for a third Grand National only when the handicapper allots him a score of 165 or reduced, based on Gigginstown racing director Eddie O’Leary. Grand National coverage.

Outlining plans for its double Grand National hero, O’Leary said:”He will not run in the Cheltenham November meeting this season since it is a handicap. Live stream Grand National.

“He will have a run over hurdles before Christmas, then on the Boyne Hurdle before conducting at the cross-country chase at Cheltenham.

“Should they compress the weights to the Grand National, we will operate — but only as long as they float the weights.  Live stream Grand National. We are rated 171 — when he is off 165 he will conduct but when he is off 166 he will not be operating.”

O’Leary confessed he was caught off guard by the outpouring of affection led towards Tiger Roll — that won last year’s race off a marker of 159 — but insists Gordon Elliott and Keith Donoghue deserve all of the credit for these heroics. Grand National coverage.

He included:

It is a nod to his coach and all of the lads up in Cullentra.

He had given up the ghost and ceased racing but Gordon and Keith got him he’s a celebrity now.  It is outstanding.  We [Eddie and Michael O’Leary] are coming around to the notion he’s a celebrity.”

The jockey — victorious at the 2013 Grand National on 66-1 outsider Auroras Encore — has been unplaced in both comeback mounts in Ayr.

live stream kentucky derby

Exclusive – Grand National winner Ryan Mania comes from retirement with a renewed desire to compete

Fair Minx was seven 10 runners in a maiden hurdle at the track until stablemate Largy Perk was 14th from 16 at a competitive beginner barrier.

Live stream Grand National

Although both horses, trained by Sandy Thomson, were unfancied, the 30-year-old jockey was only happy and relieved to be back in the saddle following his sudden retirement’ at November 2014 due to disillusionment with the daily struggle to create the weight.

In a private interview with The Yorkshire Post on Friday night, Grand National coverage, Mania, that had been formerly correlated with Yorkshire racing legends and Harvey Smith, confessed he had”disappointed” lots of individuals and that he’d be working hard to recover the trust of trainers and owners.

Nevertheless, he considers that his weight hasn’t been under greater control, as a result of a greater grasp and comprehension of nourishment, Live stream Grand National, and his instant goal is riding the eight winners who may take his career tally to some belated 200. 

Watch Grand National Live stream

Timeform give the lowdown on the Melbourne Cup, looking at recent winners, Grand National coverage, ones to watch for 2019 and where to locate form and ideas for Tuesday morning’s race.

First operate in 1861, the Melbourne Cup is popularly called the’race that stops a nation’.  Much like the Grand National in Britain, it’s the one race of the year that completely permeates the national consciousness, and makes an impact beyond the racing world. Live stream Grand National, In fact, even equating it to the Grand National is possibly underplaying its significance in Australia: there’s a public holiday in the country of Victoria.

The Melbourne Cup is no longer Australia’s richest race, with the A$8 million bag dwarfed by the eye-watering A$14 million on offer for its Everest, which was initially run in 2017. Grand National coverage, However, the Melbourne Cup, which can be contested over 3200 metres (roughly two miles), remains the country’s most sought-after prize.

Melbourne Cup Winners

As you can see in the table below, the Melbourne Cup as it exists now is a truly international affair.  Last year 10 of the 24 runners were trained in Britain or Ireland, and there was a runner in Japan and another from New Zealand.  There has been a decrease in Australian-trained qualifiers, along with an even starker drop-off in Australian-bred competitors.  Live stream Grand National, Regardless of the many entrances from the northern hemisphere, just three Irish-trained horses have managed to win the Melbourne Cup, while 2018 winner believed Counter was the first British trained horse to do so.

Grand National coverage





Timeform Performance Rating


Cross Counter (UK)

Charlie Appleby (UK)



Rekindling (UK)

Corey Brown (AUS)

Joseph O’Brien (IRE



Almandin (GER)

Robert Hickmott (AUS)





Ryan Moore (UK)

Andreas Wöhler (GER)



Damien Oliver (AUS)

Gai Waterhouse (AUS)



Green Forest (IRE)

Robert Hickmott (AUS)



Dunaden (FR)

Christophe Lemaire (FR)

Mikel Delzangles (FRA)



Americain (USA)

Gérald Mossé (FR)

Alain de Royer-Dupre (FR)



Shocking (AUS)

Corey Brown (AUS)

Mark Kavanagh (AUS)


*Set up an even better performance when fourth beneath top-weight one year after, recording a Timeform performance rating of 129.

It’s fair to say that the international nature of the contemporary race hasn’t gone down well with all the natives — maybe understandably, using a decade having passed since the previous winner who was Australian-bred, trained and owned.

But for all they have faced a greater threat from Europe, there’s been no let-up whatsoever in Aussie ambition.  Grand National coverage And when it concerns the Cup, one man in particular has had good success in taking things into his own hands.

Home tycoon and Melbourne local Lloyd Williams has possessed six winners of the Melbourne Cup and has won just two of those last three renewals. Live stream Grand National. His most recent winner Rekindling (2017) was trained by Joseph O’Brien and brought over specifically to the race.

This year, Williams has three trainings, and they’re all trained by Joseph O’Brien.  He has the 119-rated Latrobe, who won last year’s Irish Derby, the 116-rated Twilight Payment, and the 123-rated Master of Truth, the last-named being of special interest given he will carry only 1lb greater than his teammates.  The Frankel colt put in his best performance when finishing third, beaten just over a length, to Stradivarius in the two-and-a-half distance Gold Cup at Ascot.

Melbourne Cup Jockey

Australian jockey Kerrin McEvoy is the reigning champ after winning on Cross Counter this past year, and he’s also appreciated wins in 2000 (Brew) and 2016 (Almandin).  This season he’ll be partnering Finche, who finished fourth to Cross Counter at 2018 with switched to Australian trainer Chris Waller’s lawn from Andre Fabre’s stable in France.

Cross Counter will take over a stone more this year, second-placed Marmelo continues to be ruled out by Racing Victoria stewards and third-placed Prince of Arran is 4lb higher in the handicap, Grand National coverage, so Finche, who runs off the same weight as a year ago, looks a serious candidate for a podium finish.

Corey Brown has ridden two Melbourne Cup winners in the last ten years having hit Shocking in 2009 and Rekindling in 2017. what channel is Grand National on  Unfortunately Brown is on the sidelines after suffering an accident in the Queensland Derby in June.

Melbourne Cup Trainer

Once an unstoppable father-and-son group, Aidan O’Brien and former jockey Joseph O’Brien now maintain rival training operations.  Aidan has enjoyed remarkable success around the globe but has yet to win the Melbourne Cup, while Joseph was only 24 when Rekindling struck in 2017, making him the youngest coach to win the race. what channel is Grand National on.

The O’Briens are accountable for seven runners this season — four for Joseph and three to get Aidan.  There are a further few horses that have been transferred out of Aidan’s Ballydoyle yard, such as Royal Ascot winner Constantinople.

Talking of great Irish trainers, it was Dermot Weld who was the very first European-based coach to win the race with Vintage Crop in 1993.  He followed up in 2002 with Media Puzzle. Grand National coverage, Weld does not have any entries this year, despite Locate A Song qualifying automatically by winning the Irish St Leger.  She’d be an interesting contender for next year’s race should Weld choose to send her.  Watch this space.

Melbourne Cup Clues & Trends

In 2016 the Tony Martin-trained Heartbreak City came agonisingly close to winning the Melbourne Cup.  He had won York’s Ebor Handicap on his previous start, and this year’s Ebor winner Mustajeer will make the visit to Melbourne. what channel is Grand National on.Raymond Tusk also conducted in the Ebor and was beaten only two spans in fourth despite conceding 3lb to the winner.

Grand National coverage

The Geelong Cup has arguably the finest recent record for a warm-up for the big fixture.  Americain and Dunaden won both, in consecutive years in 2010 and 2011, while Finche was third in the Geelong Cup last year before finishing fourth at the Melbourne Cup.  Prince of Arran won the Geelong Cup this season.

Melbourne Cup Tips and Runners

Looking for expert tips about the Melbourne Cup?  Each and every single day, there are Timeform’s Australian racing collections below the Tips section of our site, which on October 5th includes our Analyst’s best bets at Flemington.

Better yet, you’ll have the ability to catch our full Melbourne Cup preview.  Our specialist will be taking a look at exactly the 2019 race in detail, identifying the best horses form and providing a verdict on who are best suited to the demands this season’s race will present. Grand National coverage. Want more on the very best of the UK and Irish horses going over?  Find out which are our expert’s top five European coaches, discussing their opportunities and incorporating video highlights of the best races.

Melbourne Cup Free Bets

The Melbourne Cup is a huge event in the cart globally and, despite its beginning time of 4 am GMT, is well worth getting up to watch. Grand National coverage. Do not forget to have a look at our Betting Offers page for free Melbourne bets until you place your money down, and make your bet go further. 

Tiger Roll could Create history as the first horse ever to win the Grand National three years running

Tiger Roll will run just twice this year before bidding to become the first horse in history to win the #1-million Randox Health Grand National for another consecutive year, his coach Gordon Elliott has shown. grand national time of race 2020.

Trainer Gordon Elliott has confirmed for the first time which the Gigginstown-owned nine-year-old is unquestionably being aimed in the Aintree showpiece event on Saturday, April 4, 2020, grand national tips and predictions, together with top earners Davy Russell named as the guy who will partner him again.

But, Tiger Roll won’t set foot onto a racecourse until the New Year in preparation for his record-breaking attempt, with a bid to triumph at a fifth Cheltenham Festival also proposed. Grand national live.

In an interview with Aintree Racecourse,Gordon Elliott said Tiger Roll has returned to the yard from his summer vacation fit also.

grand national time of race 2020

Elliott said:”It is excellent to see him back, doing a little bit of work .  He’s had a nice few weeks of summer vacations.

“He moved straight back to Gigginstown obviously.  He was probably out there and had about 10-12 months out on grass.  grand national tips and predictions, He hasn’t had a saddle on him because Aintree and the National but he has done a few parades and had a few good days out, which is great.

“I’ve seen him a couple of times during the summer at Gigginstown and that he had been great and powerful, and I have seen him if he was here for a little while before he went to perform his flatwork and he seemed good. grand national live.

“He will probably do four or three weeks of apartment work until he comes back to us at the primary yard here.

Grand national time of race 2020

“Obviously he will not be that busy this season.  We’re going to have to head him now and select and choose where we go.  grand national time of race 2020, He will likely have one run over hurdles, maybe something like the Boyne Hurdle (Navan, February) again. grand national tips and predictions,  He’ll return to Cheltenham (March) for the Cross Country race and then we will go to the Randox Health Grand National.”

The trainer went on to reveal riding structures for this year:”Keith (Donoghue) will ride him in Cheltenham at the Cross Country race and the Boyne Hurdle and Davy Russell will ride him in the grand national live.”

Elliott was also candid when asked whether he had been enticed to run Tiger Roll in one of the greatest G1 races of this Jumps calendar.

He said:”People tell me that I should be entering him Stayers’ Hurdles or Gold Cups but I was always taught and I am a huge believer in going for the race you think you can win at the Cheltenham Festival along with the race I think I could win at the Cheltenham Festival is the Cross Country race, so that is where he will go.  However, the number one goal this season will be the English National.”

Tiger Roll’s second Randox Health Grand National triumph in April this year sparked huge interest around Britain and Ireland in the horse, together with a number of public appearances in the months which followed. grand national tips and predictions.

Elliott admits he only realised how much his steady celebrity meant to individuals following the race when reading headlines and meeting folks.

He explained:”You don’t really realise just how much the horse meant to everyone.  grand national time of race 2020, grand national live, You see all the kids and all of the different people who came to the yard.

“You don’t really appreciate it when you are in the bubble .  You do not realise how much of a thing there is about this particular horse, you understand?  It’s just after when you sit and you see the videos and read all the paper clippings, people have really got to enjoy him.

“You know, he’s got a great name, Tiger Roll, and he’s got a great heart. grand national tips and predictions. He has won at four Cheltenham Festivals and also to win two Randox Health Grand Nationals was incredible.

“Everyone who comes to the yard, there’s only 1 horse they want to see and that’s Tiger Roll.  He is a people’s horse now and we are extremely blessed to have him.

“Red Rum was before my period but you have seen the videos and heard all about him.  grand national time of race 2020, He was an amazing horse and also to be in the exact same league as he’s incredible.”

Ominously for his rivals, Elliott says he believes Tiger Roll has improved as a horse and, if all in his prep goes right, he will have a fantastic opportunity to generate history.

He added:”I suppose last year (2018) we believed he’d hose up until the past 50 yards and he just nearly got caught. grand national tips and predictions.  I was still confident when he’d got past the lineup last year he had won but, until they call the result, you never know.

“This year was probably easier to watch.  He went and jumped and did everything right. 

“I feel that the build up to the English National this season is going to be unbelievable.  The hype — folks are speaking about him .  Whether he wins, he loses or draws if he gets back there to have a go at three in a row it is going to be great.  The hype is going to be brilliant.”

If all of the preparation has gone well then, come April, all of the focus will be on a single horse and if he can compose himself into the record books yet again.

His trainer is convinced the”people’s horse” won’t be worried about the pressure.

Referring to his success in this year’s Randox Health Grand National, Elliott reasoned:”We were very, very happy with the horse, he had been in great shape and we got him in great purchase.  If we could get him in half as good a form next year afterward he’ll have a huge chance.

“He knows he is good, he enjoys the attention.  You simply watch him walking round the parade ring before and after races and he understands he is Tiger Roll.”

Tickets for the 2020 Randox Health Grand National are available to buy now. Grand national time of race 2020, The three-day spectacular reaches its climax on Saturday, April 4, Grand National Day. 

The Betfair Chase: The Best Way to four Trainers Speed in six Important departments

That ought to have some owners gnashing their teeth since it price #1,000 to input and there was prize money down to eighth was about the table.  live horse racing stream. The fifth prize has been set to be 5,320 and the least that some of Saturday’s runners will accumulate, provided they finish, is greater than #11,000.

Four Trainers will represent the tiniest area to possess run, though it’s just one less than in 3 renewals because of 2012. Grand national tv.

And that isn’t likely to change since they’re the only coaches with runners this weekend.

Which of the horses would be the best qualified. 

 BALLYOPTIC (Betfair wager: 14-1)

Type: 6 — the Grade One-winning hurdler had his constraints exposed as a newcomer the season before last and final expression was something of a write-off because of him.  He has got back on course this period, winning a disability at Chepstow (away 152) before remaining dourly to property a attritional Charlie Hall Chase.  live horse racing stream, Nevertheless, he is the lowest-rated of this quarter on official statistics and it’s definitely telling that Elegant Escape, that chased him home in Wetherby when committing 4lb and in a fitness disadvantage, is considered surplus to requirements by the Tizzards.

The course: 5 — Ballyoptic desires the emphasis on endurance and thet level, sharp character of Haydock’s pursuit program, in which the fences come thick and fast will be not likely to be play to his strengths. grand national tv.

Soft earth: 8 — is a bare minimum because of him, particularly at this level.  Heavy earth, or even a surface hardly raceable, would give him higher odds of having a surprise.  He’s 4-4 when falling heavy going over jumps.

Sam Twiston-Davies informed Niall Hannity more about Ballyoptic following his Charlie Hall victory

Live horse racing stream

Jumping: 6 — continues to be better annually, but he’s his own means of getting from A to B, and it has dropped on four occasions (twice over hurdles and double across the Grand national fences).  Will be unable to afford awkward or awkward jumps on Saturday. live horse racing streaming.

Whether he will have the required speed to combine it together with his three competitions have to be a doubt.

Fitness: 10 — just one place where he needs to be given maximum marks following consecutive wins at Chepstow and Wetherby this year.

Type: 10 — the highest-rated runner at the line-up — his official marker is 170 — is looking for a third consecutive win in this race.   His gallant third at the Cheltenham Gold Cup in March also places a high standard for those other people to aim at.

Soft earth: 9 — on events it’s appeared a case of this sexier the better because of himwith his inaugural win in the 2017 Betfair Chase attained on earth that others couldn’t manage.  But he seemed equally successful on great ground 12 months past along with his general form points to him being adaptable regards the requirements. live horse racing stream.  Heavy moving could have been preferable for him though, since he deals so well with such a face.

Our specialists study Bristol De Mai’s next Betfair Chase triumph

The class: 10 — bordering on an 11 since four runs in the track have afforded four wins, the first three with a margin of 111 lengths.  There is no doubt that this is a”home” match for him. live horse racing streaming.

Jumping: 8 — general he is a solid jumper but he could still dismiss the strange fence, including in the King George a year ago after he crashed out in the ninth.  In addition, he followed his Gold Cup third with mistakes at Aintree.

Speed/Stamina: 10 — unquestionably gets the appropriate mix needed for Haydock, which necessitates both characteristics — when the sand isn’t flying.Live horse racing stream. Maybe the Ryanair Chase is going to be his target in Cheltenham, though it will not be whether he wins this along with the King George as a #1 million bonus in the Jockey Club will probably be the incentive that links will need to pursue chasing’s blue riband.

Fitness: 9 — he’s won out time to the previous two seasons but remember that at past year’s Betfair Chase all five runners were creating their seasonal reappearances.  This time, the gray will be fulfilling three opponents who have conducts under their belts.  That may be crucial as it matters . 

Type: 10 — his Ryanair Chase success reflects rock-solid type, and he had contributed weight and a beating to his competitors from the Cotswold Chase and won a Cheltenham handicap off a mark of 164.  You can’t quibble with any of the live horse racing streams in addition to the front-runner’s comeback conquer at Aintree (away 169) could be forgiven as lots of the fences were omitted and that he was potentially short of peak fitness.

Haydock could hardly be more different but he can possess a win in the track on his own CV, albeit over battles, along with his Old Roan victory at Aintree last year features encouragement it won’t pose an issue.

Soft earth: 8 — sounds versatile regards the floor, but I am docking him a few marks because faster conditions would have made this much less of an endurance test (see endurance ) and performed to his strengths compared to his main opponents.  His four wins final word, when he had been better than ever, were achieved on moving that had the term”great” from the description.  If circumstances dry out, it is going to help him.

Jumping: 10 — it is tempting fate, however, Frodon resembles one of these horses who may jump across any course with a blindfold on.  He was a bit rusty at Aintree a month — created a couple minor errors — but he is usually economical and quantified over his hurdles.  His sole collapse came as a rookie three decades back.

Stamina: 9 — typically races over distances of about two-and-a-half kilometers and there is no wonder that type of excursion suits him.  He’d triumph over a protracted 3m at the Cotswold Chase at Cheltenham in January, even though the gas gauge was flickering close to the end and, tellingly, his relations dropped him back in excursion in the Festival rather than opting to the Gold Cup.  Bristol De Mai and Lostintranslation could be more powerful stayers.

Fitness: 10 — difficult to believe he won’t be spot-on with this later having had a twist at Aintree in late October.

Lostintranslation is a exciting bew child on the block (Focusonracing)

Live horse racing stream

 He had been a smooth victor on his return at Carlisle and it’s probably deceiving that, formally, he’s rated 161 and 9lb poor to Bristol De Mai.  He just hasn’t had the very same chances to attain a higher score.  For what it’s worth, Bristol De Mai was rated 154 when defeated in that exact same Carlisle race on his first start out newcomer firm, therefore Lostintranslation is 7lb before him in precisely the exact same point of their livelihood.

The course: 9 — possibly a galloping track could be perfect but Aintree is likewise flat/sharp and he worked beautifully there at the spring.  He’s jumped a little to his left, so he is going in the ideal direction.  Simple to forgive him a below-par run at a 2m barrier on bottomless heading at Haydock nearly a couple of decades back.

Soft earth: 9 — he’s revealed it to be no matter, although hefty going are a niggle.  The majority of his runs are off from extremes, even though there’s not any firm evidence to indicate a quick or very slow floor would be contrary to him.

He gets me”tingle” states Joe Tizzard

Jumping: 10 — a characteristic of the first seven races over fences was his daring, athletic jump.  Scrutinize his runs and you’ll discover only 1 blemish — a blunder out three on his next start over the larger obstacles.  His zestful leaping is unquestionably among his weapons and has been a joy to see in Carlisle’s last moment.

The Wizards have been pleased to keep him largely over briefer but he relished the measure around 3m1f when beating Topofthegame in Aintree.  Far from the brief of rate but also seems a resolute galloper.

Fitness: 10 — most of those Tizzard horses have had their comeback conducts this expression and Robbie Power reported that Lostintranslation blew two out when winning his return at Carlisle. live horse racing stream. That outing, and following workouts, should make sure he’s spot-on with this mission. 

Talking Horses: Grand National punters got Bad deal from bookies

The creaky old starting price mechanism ought to be under fresh scrutiny after Saturday’s Grand National, once the SP over-round (which suggests that the notional profit margin built into the collective odds) came to 163 percent.  grand national tv, That’s only slightly less compared to 165 percent of 2015 that triggered fears of once-a-year punters being ripped away and led to a protracted review, which pitted away those anxieties in a complacent-sounding report.

And so, what a surprise, here we are again with equal worries and no official body inclined to do anything about these.  Sophisticated punters, for example, you, dear reader, don’t take the beginning price when having a wager on National day in the stores but many still do.  live horse racing streaming, I’m told that about half of gambling shop bets on the National are created at SP, thus a massive amount of people are getting short-changed in their return on which might be their only point of contact racing in the entire calendar year.  Do we need these individuals to have a fantastic experience that might draw them back or are we content to leave them feeling that they haven’t been well treated?

It is a tricky issue but one way ahead is sure to encourage newbies to take the chances at the time of placing their wager.  grand national tv, High street bookmakers may say that they do this to some extent, however, as one insider explained, their efforts amount to”half-hearted whispers, akin to Theresa May saying:’We are eager to compromise’.”

I do not assert that off-course bookies are driving down costs in the monitor.  Anecdotal evidence from several sources is that hedging (off-course firms offloading their liabilities onto bookies at the track) doesn’t proceed like it used to.  live horse racing streaming, But of course high road firms know from experience that prices on course will tend to keep shortening as race-time strategies, especially about the horses in the top half of their gambling.

A bookmaker who had been at the monitor clarified his experience.  “You will find 15 or 20 horses we can’t seem to receive any money for,” he said, suggesting that the electronic boards, with the favourites on top, don’t help.  “So liability compels you to reevaluate the first 10 or 12 in the market.  I try to not use the machine [for hedging through the exchanges] but on Saturday the internet was not working nicely, so many of the bookies would just shorten them because they couldn’t hedge back. grand national tv.

“My expenditures for the meeting were #4,500 and I won #2,930 on Saturday but lost #1,300 within the three days after expenses.  The on-course [bookies] get a good deal of unfair criticism but the expenses are a significant issue.”  grand national live stream, He added that bookmakers in his area didn’t go over 150%, suggesting that bookmakers in the SP sample didn’t of a job offering value to bettors.

The Horseracing Bettors Forum (HBF) informs me it’s”concerned by the very significant over-round… HBF promotes bettors to’shop around’ for better value.”  Brian Chappell of Justice For Punters said:”Yet again, bookmakers took good advantage of once-a -year punters with this huge over-round.  Tiger Roll did many of them a favour, yet this type of SP’margin’ is unacceptable practice.”

I want to view the British Horseracing Authority becoming involved in this area.  Grand National punters are racing’s audience and we want them to feel valued.

The three runnings of this Brocklesby Stakes since The Last Lion, the following Middle Park Stakes winner, landed the first juvenile occasion of the turf season at Doncaster have observed a reversion to the mean, together with the kind amounting to very little by the end of April.  grand national tv. The signs are a bit more promising with this year’s Brocklesby, however, together with the four subsequent starters handling a win and three places between them so far.

Neither Show Me Show Me,” the winner, nor runner-up Strong Power was back to the monitor as yet, however, Dorchester Dom (2.50), live horse racing stream, a boy of Starspangledbanner who was beginning to operate on nicely in the final stages of their Brocklesby, would be the likely favorite for the second race at Windsor and should be the latest runner from Doncaster to frank the kind.

grand national tv

There are 15 races on the Level on Monday in all as both Redcar and Windsor launching their 2019 season, and all but two have double-figure fields, which might result in a trappy afternoon.   He was on the upgrade on the all-weather over the winter and both the winner and the fourth horse house when he had been narrowly beaten last time were champions up the time.

Champagne Rules (5.00) must go well on precisely the same card, whilst Pilot Wings (3.50) is another one to think about at Windsor.  grand national tv. He has not run since Boxing Day but showed enough last year to indicate his mark is workable and he is quite strong from the betting this morning.  Sporting Press (4.10) has a clear chance on the jumps card in Kelso, where Charlie Snow Angel (3.10) must also go well.

Grand national tv

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None of this would have been achievable without our subscribers’ generosity — your fiscal aid has meant we can keep investigating, disentangling and interrogating. grand national tv.  It has protected our independence, which hasn’t been so critical.  We are so grateful. 

Racing Daily with BetVictor

It didn’t seem a vintage renewal of this Grade 1 Hatton’s Grace Hurdle at Fairyhouse on Sunday but the mare Honeysuckle could not have been more notable and she’s halved in price for the Champion Hurdle (10s from 20/1) together with BetVictor. live horse racing streaming. Do note she can go down the mares’ option over 2m 5f for that she is 2/1 at BetVictor supporting The Willie Mullins mare Benie Des Dieux who heads the market at 7/4.

There is an 8am review planned at Lingfield this morning — frost and potential freezing fog the issue — to get their jumps card and when racing gets the green light, I hope to watch Early Morning Rain (1.15) bounce back in those calmer waters with been outclassed at Newbury on Saturday.  what time is grand national? Now’s softer ground and fall in grade should match Jamie Snowden’s five-year-old.

Pres made all to score here 3 months ago when his jumping was the decisive factor.  If winning pointer Ballyart — who is permitted 3lbs for your 2l he had been behind Pres last time — jumps far more fluency than he did last time then he’ll reverse the placings, but that is a huge if. grand national live stream.

live horse racing streaming

The vote, however, goes to Jonjo O’Neill’s The Manuscript (1.45) who ran well at Chepstow last time returning from a four-month fracture and can be open to further improvement although he did show a small inclination to jump out to his right at south Wales last time. live horse racing streaming.

The every way choice was dropped 3lbs for its run, which will be his second start since having his end operated on during the summertime.

Live horse racing streaming

Fast forward 12 months and he’s down to a mark 15lbs lower and is taken to build on his decent third in Chepstow last time — winner has since followed — in the Veterans’ Chase.  what time is grand national? One note, he may not find an uncontested lead with Skipping On and Uhlan Bute — that like to lead — in the area.

Nicky Henderson looks to have discovered an ideal opportunity at Southwell to get Loveherandleaverher (12.30) who was a winning pointer and also did us a favor when scoring over timber at Huntingdon back in February.  grand national live stream. Her following absence from the monitor is a slight concern and the prediction — soft — the floor is the softest she’s encountered to date, but she looks potentially well handled on her handicap debut.

Monsieur D’Arque (1.00) was outclassed at the Greatwood Hurdle on his reappearance however this winner between the flags in Ireland has ever hinted he would make a much better chaser compared to hurdler and he can create a winning chase introduction for Dan and Harry Skelton. live horse racing streaming.